Why and how the job market has seen a massive upturn

With the worst of the pandemic hopefully now behind us, the UK job market is seeing a major upturn in vacancies across many of the major sectors, not least the hospitality industry, where the catastrophic effects of covid are now starting to fade, and the trade is scrambling for staff to support the reopening of bars, restaurants, and hotels nationwide.

Founder and director of UK-based job board ‘Our Bob’s Jobs’, Dave Rigby, explained: “While many long-serving hospitality staff have held out through furlough to return to their old jobs, large numbers have given up on the sector and moved onto a more stable career opportunity elsewhere.

“This has led to a potential shortage of skilled and experienced staff to work on the front line, even though we are heading into the tourism season.”

Hospitality aside, as the economy recovers, many of the UK’s prominent sectors are seeing increased confidence from employers, who are keen to invest in the growth and development plans they have held in abeyance for over a year.

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As expected, employers in private healthcare are starting to recruit again, with roles in care homes, dental surgeries, and childcare settings on the rise, and the automotive sector also seeing an upturn, with the demand for car sales on the rise, and people getting back on the road for work and pleasure.

Dave added: “It’s great to see so much recruitment activity going on again now. We have around 100,000 job vacancies advertised on our website just now, and the number is increasing day by day as employers can start to plan for the future once again.”

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