Where are Americans on Vacation During the Pandemic?


US: Qualified intermediary service provider IPX1031 reports on its research into how Americans have adjusted their vacation plans during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned holiday plans for Americans upside down. Instead of booking flights to travel abroad, travelers opt for road trips and extended stays in vacation homes and short-term rentals in the United States.

In order to find out how Americans have adjusted their vacation plans during Covid-19, we [IPX1031] surveyed more than 2,000 people nationwide.

Among our main discoveries were:

  • Only 27% of Americans have taken vacations since Covid-19 began. 62% of those who regret taking their vacation due to travel limitations.
  • Only 20% of Americans say they plan to take a vacation this year. 64% do not feel safe flying and 33% say they will not fly until there is a vaccine.
  • Of those who have traveled on holiday, 70% changed destination, 81% avoided large cities and 76% monitored Covid-19 cases in the area before traveling.
  • The most popular national travel destinations during Covid-19: 1. California 2. Florida 3. New York 4. Texas 5. Nevada.
  • 49% of respondents said they would be more likely to take a vacation [or another vacation] if a second stimulus control is issued this year.

Vacation plans Covid-19

[Credit: IPX1031]Just over a quarter of respondents said they had already taken a holiday as Covid-19 and 20% had planned to take one. Others, or else, put travel plans on hold [37 per cent] or have opted for a stay at home [15 per cent].

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has affected previously planned trips. According to respondents, 40% completely canceled the holidays and 23% postponed them.

Along with making changes in when they planned to travel, Americans have also made changes in how they will reach their destinations. Overall, 64% said they do not feel safe flying on a commercial aircraft at this time and a third said they will wait until a vaccine is available to fly again.

Who has been on holiday since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Despite the pandemic, many were determined to find time for relaxation and vacation this summer. Of the 27% who have already taken a holiday, 28% took one in March, while June was the second most popular month to travel. [22 per cent]. A majority [52 per cent] they went to their destination and, among them, 72% decided to drive to avoid flying.

Travelers also adapted to the pandemic, as 70% said they changed their destination due to the virus and 81% avoided large cities. As an added precaution, 58% bought travel insurance for their vacation.

The accommodation for the holidays was diverse. While hotels were the most popular [40 per cent], The Americans also stayed with the family [18 per cent], short term rentals like Airbnb [16 per cent] or their vacation homes [nine per cent].

Americans also stayed longer at their destinations, with 55% saying their vacation was longer than they normally would be.

Who plans to take a vacation?

Like those who have already taken a vacation, Americans who plan to take a vacation also choose to drive instead of fly. Of the 50 percent who plan to drive to their destination, 74 percent do so to avoid flying.

In addition, it seems that the trend to avoid large cities seems to continue, as 66% plan to take holidays outside large metropolitan areas. Travelers also monitor the virus situation before traveling and 85% said they will cancel or postpone their trip if cases increase in the area they plan to visit.

Covid-19 and holiday homes

IPX1031[Credit: IPX1031]With overseas travel waiting and remote work becoming more frequent, Americans are taking advantage of it to use their vacation homes more often.

Overall, 81% of vacation home owners said they spent more time on their property from Covid-19. This extra time is not only spent relaxing, but also working out. According to respondents, 85% said they have used their vacation home to work remotely since the pandemic began.

Covid-19 and PTO

IPX1031[Credit: IPX1031]Vacation homeowners aren’t the only ones working on vacation this year. Overall, 43% said they worked or planned to work while on vacation and 59% reviewed or planned to review work emails and communications during the holidays.

While some choose not to completely disconnect from the holidays, others will dream of a break from work. According to respondents, 56% will leave the PTO [paid time off] on the table this year due to the Covid-19.

Still, almost 50%]said they would be more likely to take a vacation or extra vacation this year if they receive another stimulus check.

To view the full report, follow the link to the IPX1031 website.