Watch: Cute Catto Cools Down Under Air Cond In The Middle Of A Boutique Like A Boss

Cats are really something else. We can assume that they view the world as theirs and they have so many slaves around them (read: us) to serve them and clean their poop. They only interact with you when they need something or else they would not even acknowledge our existence. But we can’t just stay away from cats. We need them. We enjoy stroking them and we just love looking at their antics of not caring about their surroundings.

A great example of a cat being cute and simply couldn’t care less about what others think of them was shared on a Facebook group recently. It is actually a TikTok video of a chubby cat, chilling in the middle of the boutique while ignoring the people around it.

We can assume the weather outside was too hot for our cute furry friend and it decided to walk into the boutique and chose a spot directly under the air conditioning while taking its afternoon nap. What a life eh?

Watch the full video here:

Nak rasa aircond

Posted by Osazeme Usen on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Although we can’t really tell whether the cat belongs to the owner of the boutique or just some random catto, we can safely assume that the cat has already marked the boutique as its territory.

Just like any other cat, if your services are needed, then they will magically interact with you!

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