Visit Anaheim Survey reveals how Orange County residents’ travel habits are changing on the eve of Covid-19


Visit Anaheim, Anaheim’s official destination organization, today released new research that reveals how the travel habits of Orange County residents are changing as a result of COVID-19. The survey of 1,300 Orange County residents found that 52% believed the pandemic had permanently changed the way they traveled. Fortunately for the local tourism and hospitality sector, some of these changes include an increase in desire in local tourism, as 49% plan to stay this summer.

As companies in Orange County continue to reopen safely, these new data suggest the community will be a key customer in helping the local tourism industry get afloat. As for what locals have planned for their stay, it is likely that 53% will travel with their nearest family and 52% will want to eat at their favorite local restaurant.

“We look forward to welcoming the community to Anaheim’s restaurants, breweries and hotels because we know their business will support our partners on their path to recovery,” said Jay Burress, President and CEO of Visit Anaheim . “When locals are ready to venture back safely, Anaheim will be waiting. It’s the perfect place to leave your busy lifestyle at home and focus on creating lifelong family memories. ”

This new research also explored pinpointing when the 3.1 million Orange County residents might be comfortable traveling again. According to the survey, it will be about six months before locals are comfortable traveling outside of California. Which means out-of-state travel plans for most Orange County residents are likely to be boosted by at least 2021. It was also revealed that it will probably be almost nine months before locals are comfortable leaving the country.

2020 travel survey

Why do respondents prioritize local travel?

  1. I don’t want to fly, because of concerns about COVID-19 – 68%
  2. Worried about traveling to states that do not take proper precautions – 53%
  3. Worried places will close again; therefore, you want to be close to home – 30%
  4. I haven’t been able to spend time at my favorite local places recently – 27%
  5. Lack of finances is limiting where I can travel – 22%

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World of Disney, the highest commercial destination in downtown Disney, in Anaheim. (Joshua Sudock / Disneyland Resort)

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