Travel and Shopping Enjoyed by Many Women

Girls gang up on the go
Girls gang up on the go


In a trend that almost spreads like wildfire, women choose to travel together during salon sessions and shopping with their grl gangs.

Exclusive holidays for women are the most important things right now. Whether single, married or married, women are prepared to do their best and take a break from the monotony of everyday life. From having some space and free time to reconnect with themselves to exploring the whole world without their partners, girls do it all.

Raman, Sonia and Rummy.

Travelers are also looking for diverse experiences such as adventure, leisure and wellness trips, visits to historic sites and unique cultural attractions. Interestingly, there are also several tour operators and online groups that organize excursions exclusively for women.

One such organization is Hansa travels, which organizes excursions for women once or twice a year. Vani Subhas is a managing partner, with cultural offerings bringing together women with similar interests. “It is possible that a destination with an emphasis on art and culture is not very interesting for men or children. I have colleagues who organize groups only for women where there is no tourist escort from Hyderabad, but to the destination. Visits are thoroughly researched and of a high standard with good hotels. Because people come from our own database, customers know each other and it is ultimately a good experience. Greece was one of those trips, “Vani shares.

Vani, Hemlata, Neera, Aneel, Pinky and Neeta.Vani, Hemlata, Neera, Aneel, Pinky and Neeta.

Because it’s their “me time” in the real sense, these trips make women feel special. For some, just being careful, to change, is fabulous and their status or age doesn’t matter. An avid traveler, who has been traveling with groups of women for more than a decade, Shobha Rani says: “My friends, sisters, nieces and I have been traveling and cruising every year for 12 years. We have a lot of fun talking, laughing and sightseeing in exotic countries. We have all been to Morocco, Eygpt, Switzerland, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia, Thailand and have been on the Baltic, South American and Norwegian cruise. We share a common interest: to see exotic countries of the world together and to strengthen our bond ”.

When women travel together, they can see the world through the lens of another woman. Dr. Rummy Azad, who each year tries to make one or two such trips, mentions that the most exotic places she has traveled to are Spain and the river trip from the port of St. Petersberg to Russia. “It’s great to have an exclusive trip for girls. We all need a break from our routine to travel with our girlfriends with whom we can relax and talk non-stop. It’s a great bonding experience and we make friends for life. You have to steal these days from your daily life and be a free spirit, ”he says.

Sumi, Saroj, Susan, Chand, Vani, Manisha, Neera, Prabha and Neeta.Sumi, Saroj, Susan, Chand, Vani, Manisha, Neera, Prabha and Neeta.

Another traveler, Sangeetha Kosuru, a life coach by profession, who travels every three months with a group of like-minded friends, says: “I feel comfortable traveling with interesting women. And most importantly, these trips are safe. We went to New Zealand and Bhutan. ”

On the other hand, there are many women who love everything that adventure means. Suchi Reddy says: “We have made many trips to different parts of the world: we like to get out of the broken roads. For example, Mongolia, the Arctic Circle of Norway and Iceland to see the northern lights. We are friends with common interests. My friend leaves me planning our trips. Look for less common tourist sites. ”

Omkarini, an exclusive group of women from the city, also organizes one or two trips each month. Rekha Jain, the main lady of the group, says: “Going on this type of group trip with women from different communities is a great experience. Not only does it make you confident, independent, but at the same time you learn things like time management. And yes, you are far from family responsibilities! ”

Omkarini started organizing women-only trips 15 years ago and recently the group traveled to northeastern states like Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram. “The friends you meet while traveling make you a better, more tolerant individual,” Rekha concludes.