There are important changes to your Google Photos account

There are important changes to your Google Photos account
There are important changes to your Google Photos account


If you realize how important storage capacity is to your phone or computer, you’ll know that Google Ad: This it will soon impose data limits on its popular accounts – It’s great news.

In a blog post, Google Photos said: “As of June 1, 2021, all new photos and videos you upload will have the 15GB of free storage included with each Google Account or additional storage. that you purchased as a Google One member. Your Google Account storage is shared on Drive, Gmail, and Photos. ”

In this article, I will explain what the Google Photos ad means for your storage needs. I’ll also list some cloud storage solutions that can help you save space on your devices.

Google Photos Storage Limit – What you need to know

First, we understand what Google is saying about the new storage limits: the company is ending its policy of free unlimited uploads.

New photos and videos you add from June 1 will have 15GB of free storage. The good news is that any content already stored in your Drive, Gmail and Photos accounts will not be affected.

Money expert Clark Howard says this is a great opportunity to upload images and videos to Google Photos if you haven’t already. “I find that very few iPhone users know or use Google Photos and pay a fortune to Apple for storing photos,” he says.

Once you exceed 15GB of free storage, you might be tempted to purchase a Google One subscription plan, which starts at 100GB of cloud storage for $ 1.99 a month.

But the Clark team doesn’t want you to pay for cloud storage if you don’t have to. Read on to see how you can save money.

4 free or cheap photo storage solutions

If you want free cloud storage like me, you may be contemplating your next move. Your first priority may be to save as much storage space as possible in the cloud.

Here are some ways to maximize storage on your Google Accounts.

1. Save lower quality photos by clicking “High”

Google Photos usually saves the content in its original quality, which keeps it at its highest resolution. But a simple change can pay off.

Instead of the original quality, click the “High Quality” option to save space. High quality photos and videos use less storage space than the original quality. Unless you’re a photographer or use your content for media-related work, such as movies and TV, the difference at a glance is small.

To change to high-quality images, go to Google Photos and click Settings in the upper right (look for the gearbox icon).

2. Delete old files that you no longer need

There’s an easy way to find and delete large Gmail account attachments.

In the Gmail search bar, type “largest attachment: 5M” to see items larger than 5 megabytes. You can change the number to 1 and search for large files to delete until you free up significant space.

3. Move the photos to an external hard drive

Clark says that because so many companies are increasingly considering cloud storage as a profit center, it only makes sense to store your photos on some sort of local medium, either on a hard drive or on a zip drive.

I recently bought this 254GB SanDisk flash drive for my Macbook Pro and it works great.

“You can even use it as a primary or secondary backup for your images,” says Clark.

4. Try another free / low-cost storage service

Your Google ad may require you to search for a competitor in the cloud to store your data.

Dropbox (2GB free) and OneDrive (5GB free) are two well-known cloud services, but there are more to choose from. These are some of the best cloud storage services.

Final thoughts

Remember, if you have a lot of storage space available in your Google Account, Clark wants you to take advantage of the 15GB of free storage before the limits start.

And look for ways to save storage space on your devices. If you have the Google Photos app (or a competitor) on your mobile phone, you can set it up to upload photos to the cloud from your iPhone or Android device.