Is there anything really as it seems? Don’t believe everything you see and hear in the world of ILLUSION: the amazing new exhibition that opens at the Liberty Science Center on February 4th. Making his debut in the Northeast, ILLUSION: Nothing is as it seems. mind while playfully combining the techniques used by magicians and explored by psychologists.

ILLUSION investigates how perception defines our way of seeing, feeling, thinking and understanding the world. Visitors will question their reality and perceptions of the world as their senses are distorted and logical thinking is confused.

“We are delighted to welcome the new Illusion exhibition to the Liberty Science Center,” said Paul Hoffman, president and CEO of the Liberty Science Center. “Magic and science are intertwined and LSC is the first museum with a magician in residence, David Blaine. The exhibition Illusion demonstrates the ease with which the human mind can be deceived by combining magic with psychology, optical illusions with scientific reasoning and confusion with clarity ”.

Visitors will experience a wide variety of installations in the exhibition, created by the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, which will fool their eyes and show that what they often perceive is radically different from the reality of what their eyes.

The invisible eye will allow you to see how an eyeball is built from the air and you can look in a mirror and transform your inner animal into The whole Universe is full of lives of perfect creatures.Delicate boundaries creates a space that allows the worlds of our digital devices to move in the physical realm as errors move to the screen and to your body, and Counter, by means of a trompe l’oeil effect, it tries to convince us that a two-dimensional object is in fact three-dimensional.

Other experiences will offer an additional insight into the human mind through the exploration of sensory deception. Audio illusions will conjure up the sounds of another space and visitors will be able to experience one virtual haircut using sensory stimulants, while Significant birds explores how the human ear perceives complex sounds and the sound of a voice.

ILLUSION will be at the Liberty Science Center from February 4 to August 27, 2017 and is included with general admission ($ 21.75 for adults, $ 18.75 for adults over 62 and 17.75 dollars for children ages 2 to 12). Museum members and children under 2 are free.

As for the Liberty Science Center

The Freedom Science Center ( is a 300,000-square-foot nonprofit learning center located in Liberty State Park on Hudson Bank in Jersey City, near the Statue of Liberty. freedom. Dedicated to bringing the power, promise and pure fun of science and technology to people of all ages, the Liberty Science Center hosts 12 museum exhibits, a collection of live animals with 110 species, giant aquariums, a 3D theater, the largest IMAX dome in the world. Theater, live surgeries for simultaneous transmission, tornado force wind simulator, K-12 classrooms and labs, and teacher development programs. More than 250,000 students visit the Science Center each year and tens of thousands more participate in the Center’s off-site and online programs. LSC is New Jersey’s most visited cultural institution with 650,000 annual visitors and the largest interactive science center in the New York-NJ metropolitan area.

About Science Gallery

Science Gallery is an award-winning initiative initiated by Trinity College Dublin with the aim of igniting the creative potential of young people worldwide to meet the world’s greatest challenges. We do this by creating compelling transdisciplinary experiences around universal themes centered on the future, from the future of the human race to the future of gaming. These experiences are based on the experience of creative minds that include scientists, researchers, students, artists, designers, inventors, hackers, and entrepreneurs. Science Gallery International was launched in 2012 with the support of This initiative will create a network of global science galleries by 2020, with galleries already confirmed for three continents: Europe (Dublin, London and Venice), Asia (Bengaluru) and Australia (Melbourne). So far, the exhibitions have visited more than a dozen locations internationally, from San Diego to Taiwan. For more information about Science Gallery, visit: