The best backpacks and travel backpacks for your next trip

The best backpacks and travel backpacks for your next trip
The best backpacks and travel backpacks for your next trip


Looking for the best travel bags and backpacks for your next adventure?

Look no further than these amazing REI, Amazon and more options.

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Finally, the weather is heating up and the itching to travel is getting stronger. We understand the feeling and fully support your need to get out of the city.

We also want to make it easier for you. Whether you want to get away on a summer Friday, take advantage of a long weekend or take an extended holiday that you already have booked and waiting for, we will cover you in the left-luggage office.

As everyone knows, not all bags are created equal. You don’t need your handbag to go to the beach, and this convertible bag, while cute, won’t keep you on your two-week getaway. To help you find exactly what you need, we’ve divided your categories into categories: day trip, weekend, and extended stay. And we have chosen some of our personal favorites, as well as some of the best reviewed and most recommended bags by industry professionals.

Do you want simple? No problem. Looking for something with all the bells and whistles? We have it too. And who knows, maybe if you have one of these bags in your collection you’ll even be inspired to come up with more. We hope so!

Have a nice trip!

MZ Wallace Medium Sutton Bag ($ 235;

At CNN Underscored, we are big fans of MZ Wallace. What still impresses us about the brand is the overall quality of the bags. Each bag, handbag and backpack includes premium hardware, leather and nylon that helps make the bags incredibly durable. All can withstand the test of drops and spills, and the cleaning is relatively breeze. Also, leather finishes really look better with use (it’s the same natural Italian leather used by Louis Vuitton). But probably the most important feature when traveling is its spacious interior, which easily adapts to various items, such as laptop, clothes or wallet. And if you have little storage space, the bags can be compressed and stored inside one of the detachable bags (the size of a large clutch) that come with the bag.

Pack of 18 REI Co-op Flash ($ 39.95;

If you are going for a walk, cycling or strolling through a new city during the day, you will want to bring something light, but with enough utility to get you through the sun until dusk. Nothing beats this challenge better than this REI package. This package is small enough to turn it into a bag of things, but large enough to carry water, snacks, maps and other essentials. The sturdy, lightly padded back panel provides comfort and support. The one-handed cord and weatherproof flap offer easy access. And the attachment of the hose even provides a way to hydrate if you want to place a water tank in the built-in inner sheath.

Desanissy Small Outdoor Doctor Style Travel Backpack ($ 37.99;

When you leave for the day, you need a bag that can be used for multiple purposes. Luckily, this much-reviewed Desanissy bag marks many boxes. Need to charge your phone? No problem, there is a USB charging port on the side. Worried about the weather change? All right, this waterproof nylon will keep all your belongings safe and dry. Need to bring a laptop, a tablet and a bottle of water and some snacks or even a change of clothes? Don’t be afraid, there are compartments for all these things and more. Seriously, it’s hard to find something for which this bag isn’t good.

22-liter Patagonia Lightweight Travel Travel Bag ($ 79.99;

If you’re looking for something ultra-light and easy to store when you don’t need it, this bag is the answer. By using light, tear-resistant and weather-resistant nylon, Patagonia has created a handbag that looks almost nothing when empty and helps reduce the weight of the load when full. The main compartment is securely closed with a zipper. You can carry it as a bag with its top handles or turn it into a backpack with adjustable straps. Then, when you have returned from your day out and downloaded the package, this bag folds directly into your pocket, making it easy to store until the next adventure.

22-liter hooded backpack to the west ($ 168;

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiking, trekking around the city, pedaling the hills, or even canoeing down the river during the day; Whatever the adventure, this Rolltop package has you covered. First of all, this bag is deep (really, I can fit my whole arm in mine), so here’s everything you need. And due to the opening of the roll-up lid, you can adjust the size of the bag to make it the one you need. Double point, because the roll-up layer makes this water-repellent bag even more water-resistant. The straps are comfortable and adjustable and there are multiple inside pockets and compartments, plus three pockets and a water bottle sleeve on the outside. Also, when you buy from this company, you are also doing good for the environment. At United By Blue, for every product sold, they collect a pound of garbage from the oceans and waterways. Win-win!

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag ($ 85;

Getting away for the weekend? You’ll need an extra set of clothes or two and maybe a pair of spare shoes, all fitted in this classic-looking sturdy canvas bag. A sizeable interior compartment with a mesh side pocket allows space for all your clothes and even your appliances. Plus, the deep outer side pocket is perfect for storing that extra pair of sneakers or slippers. Use the adjustable handles or strap for easy transport. More than 80% of reviewers gave this bag 5 stars and one customer even bought four.

Outbreaker Turtle Backpack ($ 269;

The people of Tortuga set out to combine the elements of a rolling suitcase with those of a backpacker’s backpack and the result turned out to be a pretty solid bag for any weekend getaway. This package is designed to be comfortable to carry. And the compartments inside, which include laptop cases, tablets, chargers and any other device under the sun, as well as a deep main pocket with room for enough clothes for a week, make of this a dream bag for any obsessive-compulsive packer. This bag has won several awards as the best handbag and the 4.5 star rating, based on over 400 reviews, should make you feel great if you are enjoying this good piece of luggage.

Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On with Safety Bag ($ 70.34;

Two bags in one? Register us. The main bag with wheels has a decent sized main compartment, perfect for a couple of days worth of items, plus mesh pockets and sleeves on the opposite side for all accessories. There’s also an outer pocket and a water bottle cover and, oh yeah, an extra bag that folds and fits snugly inside so you can use it when you need it and pack it when no. All you have to do is use one bag or use both. Anyway, this option will allow you to go through any weekend adventure with everything you need and more.

Sole Society Lacie Weekender ($ 89.95;

Traveling is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and find new ways to feel good. But you also want to look good while you do it, right? Enter the Sole Society’s Lacie Weekender. Made of vegan leather, this bag is beautiful. It comes in a wide variety of color options and, according to all the 5-star reviews of each style, you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose. But people who have bought it not only love its look and feel, but they also do great jazz about the usefulness of this bag. Its large main compartment has plenty of space for your weekend getaway, the metal feet keep it upright and protected, and the handles and convertible strap make carrying this handkerchief less cumbersome and more pleasurable.

The Carry-On from Away ($ 225;

If you’re looking for the perfect little handbag, this Away option is hard to beat. We recently used this rolling bag for a ten day trip across the country and there was plenty of room for clothes, shoes and accessories. With two compartments, one on each side of the box, as well as a separate zipped compartment in the center, you have plenty of space for what you need. The suitcase includes a laundry bag and there is a built-in battery to keep all devices charged and ready to go while you’re on the go. It offers a variety of colors, size options, and customizable features, so you can have exactly what you need.

Set of 3 Pieces Coolife Luggage Lightweight Hardshell Spinning Suitcase ($ 139.99;

Do you want to get out of town for a while or pack your bags? You’ll need sturdy luggage, and for that, Coolife has you covered. This fresh-looking three-piece set has a hardcover design that withstands the impact of travel without sacrificing aesthetics. Because you have three sizes to choose from (each with a fabric-lined interior and zippered pockets for easy organization), you can use the Goldilocks packing method to make it big, small, or flat. And when you return from your travels and leave your bags until the next adventure, the smaller cases fit into the larger case for easy and efficient storage. There’s a reason these bad guys have a 4.3-star review on Amazon.

21-inch TLS Mother Lode Mini Wheel Luggage Case ($ 197.99;

Are you looking for a smaller bag that you do many times? Meet the latest hand bed with wheels. Reviewers have used this bag for trips of up to 14 days and more than 5,000 reviewers have excited the utility. When you take a look at the bag, the reasons are pretty clear. Inside the sleeve on one side are customizable drawers, with an easy-to-move tab to help you organize everything you’re packing like the expert traveler you are. And on the opposite side are two mesh pockets for more storage. In addition, there are three additional pockets on the outside of the bag for easy access to all the basics. An integrated stabilizer bar prevents the handkerchief from tipping over, even when stuffed to the brim, and the multi-resistant handles make it easy to grip and access. Oh, and did we mention it comes in a variety of colors and has a lifetime warranty?

Travelpro Maxlite 4 21-inch stretch case, black ($ 101.50;

If you want to get travel advice from someone, a pilot is probably a good choice. The Travelpro brand was created by former pilot Bob Plath, who spent years in the air flying around the world. He took his experience with several suitcases, combined all the things he liked and came up with something new and completely unique. Today, pilots, flight attendants and airline crew members wear these bags. It’s easy to see why. With 360-degree swivel wheels, comfortable grip handles, enough storage for two weeks of travel, and a lifetime warranty, all at a reasonable price, this bag is hard to beat.