Stop hitting the staff


Saratoga’s Broadway Deli in Saratoga Springs has a message for customers: stop hitting the staff.

Customers flirting with staff have been an occasional problem for the past two years that the delicatessen has been open, says restaurant owner Daniel Chessare, but the behavior has intensified recently.

“The staff come and go, so I’m not sure if it’s because my staff is now particularly attractive or if it’s because people don’t travel, so these seven guys aren’t on vacation anywhere else,” says Chessare . “But it’s been pretty common in recent weeks.”

One staff member, in particular, took care of much of the less desirable attention, so Chessare had an idea: to create a poster that would call customers and tell them to withdraw.

He cleaned up the place with his staff, who was fine with it, and then played “post”.

Between Instagram and Facebook, his sign has generated hundreds of comments and shared resources.

“It’s not like I’ve pre-registered saying‘ don’t touch my staff ’and unfortunately it’s the kind of behavior that people in the service industry, especially waitresses and waitresses, have come to expect from customers masculine, ”says Chessare. “I have been in the service industry for 22 years. I have seen and heard about many waitresses who have suffered from customers and fear that if they do not act well they will not receive this good tip. “

Chessare, hoping to stop this behavior at least in his establishment, created the poster. When he posted it on the social network, he added a message to customers: “Show a damn class, Philistines.”

It seems to work.

Chessare has not heard any complaints from the staff and some new customers, especially women and waitresses, come in to check the place after knowing the place.

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