Second Date Ideas: 8 Ways to Have a Safe and Memorable Second Date


It is a difficult time to be single in the world. There was a point back in April or May, when most of the country was completely closed when we thought that, fall, the pandemic would be a distant memory. We thought we would go on with our lives right now, with better hand washing regiments and maybe putting on face masks among crowds. How naive we all were. Dr. Fauci left the CDC and saw his shadow, predicting at least one more year of pandemic. So here we are, love. And you can’t give up dating just because people can be contagious. If you are new to virtual dating, check out our guide to avoiding awkward first appointments. The problem with fantastic first dates is that you have to go on a second date. It’s like a first date, but with the extra pressure that someone might like. So use our second date virtual ideas to build a solid foundation for love in COVID times.

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MTV Cribs Style House Tour

In earlier times, you would see the house of your appointment at the beginning or end of an appointment. But now, you could come to coordinated COVID tests before seeing if it’s an art collector or a clown. Instead, take inspiration from MTV Cribs and plan a tour of your apartment, house, or even just your room if you share a house. Challenge yourself and your date to show off the mundane details of your home with a touch of MTV level.

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Internet Scavenger Hunt

We all have weird corners of the internet where we come back again and again, like Gollum looking at his beautiful. There is nothing more exciting during a date than discovering your compatibility with another person. A great second date idea is to conduct an internet scavenger hunt to guide your appointment through your favorite places on the internet. Even if the relationship doesn’t work, you may find some new favorite places.

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Watch a real-time playback event together

We know it’s not the same: do it all online and Zoom. But it’s good to try to be somewhere (practically) at a certain time. Billboard maintains an updated list of streaming concerts each week. There is a flow of nightly opera in The Metropolitan. And if you try to cool down, use it Netflix party, which coordinates real-time movie playback and has a chat feature, so you can show off your funny date without interrupting the movie. Real-time events require pressure to fill every silence. Then you’ll have something to talk about overnight.

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Cook a meal together, separately

This second dating idea may be better separately than together, as you don’t need to consider someone else’s weird cooking habits. Agree on a recipe in advance; the more challenging the better, as it will keep you busy and you will have the advantage of a cohort to help solve any culinary problem. You can enjoy a shared meal (separately) or place an order from the same place if it goes awry.

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Learn a craft

Quarantine was easier to bear in the summer because there were many socially distant outdoor activities. Now, we’re all back home, and it’s going to be a tough five months. Unless you know how to crochet! Or knitting! A macrame. Or whatever: choose a craft and learn it together. It is more comfortable to sit in moments of silence if sutures are counted.

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Play online games together

Even if you’ve never been into online gaming, this year it’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone with comfortable clothes. Among us is the Tiger king of the autumn quarantine. It’s so popular, AOC jumped on Twitch to get an Outgoing Vote message. House party it was large in its early forties and offers four games to play. If you both know other gaming platforms, get together in a virtual world to campaign together.

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Visit an online museum

Museums around the world were successful during the closing and some have moved their exhibits online. If you’re both an art lover (even if you’re not, remember, get out of your comfort zone), a fun tip for your second date is to choose a museum to explore together. The best thing is that your city does not border you. It’s the perfect opportunity to reach out The British Museum, el Orsay Museum to Paris, or the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Sculptures around the world

See the most iconic sculptures in the world

You may not be able to visit them, but seeing them makes a good second virtual date. Here are some of the most iconic sculptures in the world.

See the best sculptures in the world

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Get Mindful Together

Even if you are generally not a yoga / meditation person, these are difficult times and require drastic action. While taking a yoga class together later appears in new relationships, participating in a virtual yoga session is a great way to relieve stress on your second date. Whether sweating, farting or falling into balance, it is done in the privacy of your own home. Otherwise, share your favorite meditation and attention channels on YouTube and relax together. This idea gives you a different way to build intimacy through distance and screens.

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