Poetry workshop of the first poet of San Diego: NBC 7 San Diego


The San Diego Arts and Culture Commission on Friday launched a digital platform for poetry, which includes a series of writing workshops that are offered free to San Diego residents.

The digital platform is part of San Diego Poetry of Resilience, a project created by San Diego’s first award-winning poet, Ron Salisbury, that includes an interactive map to highlight local poets.

“For millennia, people have turned to poetry in times of intense joy or agony,” Salisbury said. “Poetry is the literary form of creative expression that can reach our deepest feelings. San Diego’s Poetry of Resilience offers writers the opportunity to learn, craft, and share poems that reveal these challenges and how they have responded. with resistance to these times. “

Salisbury will host online poetry workshops, where he will be occasionally accompanied by guests who teach poets. Coinciding with National Poetry Month, the digital platform launched on Friday with the first on-demand virtual workshop available for viewing. Subsequent workshops will be posted on the platform on the first Friday of each month until September.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ron Salisbury has demonstrated how poetry can promote deeper conversation between individuals, communities, and the arts,” said Christine E. Jones, the city’s head of civic art strategies. “There are still so many uncertain things right now, but I’m grateful that this year gives Salisbury the opportunity to develop a digital place for poetry, a place where San Diego poets and the public can connect and express – get creative “.

While residents of all ages are welcome to participate, Salisbury is particularly interested in contacting San Diego seniors who have been left even more isolated during the pandemic. By encouraging older people to express themselves and providing a space for their poems to be read publicly, Salisbury hopes to lessen their sense of isolation and provide older poets with a greater voice in their communities.

After each workshop, participants will be invited to submit resistance poems. An online interactive map will include these poetry presentations and begin to identify the location of poets throughout San Diego. Salisbury will select up to 30 representative poems to publish and include in a special section of the annual San Diego Poetry 2021-2022.

The project will culminate in the autumn of 2021 with a poetry reading and an open microphone event for poets, workshop participants and the public.

For more information on the Poet Award and project, click here.