Most Americans Engage in 12 Arguments During Vacation Travel

Holiday Road: The average American will have 12 arguments during vacation travel
Holiday Road: The average American will have 12 arguments during vacation travel


If only we had a sleigh and a set of magic reindeer to help us move around. While vacation travel is a breeze for Saint Nick, the rest of us aren’t usually so lucky. Travel can end up becoming a nightmare regardless of the time of year, but the holidays are usually very intense. Now, according to a new survey of 2,000 Americans, vacation travel is so stressful that it boils the blood of many people.

Whether it’s your partner, friends, family, or strangers, the survey reveals that the average American will engage in 12 surprising arguments or disagreements during vacation travel. In addition to this showdown, this year’s average traveler will experience eight particularly stressful times and worry about arriving late to their destination four times.

According to the investigation, commissioned by the parking application SpotHero, most adults are so anxious about their vacation trips that they spend an extra 102 minutes of time for unexpected delays.

In addition, the average respondent begins to worry about an upcoming vacation trip five days before they even walk out the door. In total, 93% said they become even more stressed and agitated every time something inevitably goes wrong while on the road.

So what are the most important stressors of vacation travel to Americans? The number one response among respondents was the poor condition of the road caused by the winter weather (44%), followed by traffic jams (41%), losing something while traveling (37%) and finding a parking space at the airport (36%). and packaging (36).

Other frequently mentioned stressors were: Forgetting an ID at home (35%), unexpected delays at the airport (33%), long TSA security lines (31%), anxiously waiting for luggage to pick up luggage (31%) and flight cancellations due to bad weather conditions (30%).

On a positive note, many respondents admitted that their stress usually decreases at a given time. Many reported feeling relieved after packing their car (26%), while others may finally relax after finding a parking spot (18%) or getting off the road (16%).

Among those who travel to the sky to travel on holiday, 22% say they feel much better after arriving at the airport, 18% feel a relief after going through security and 17% breathe after Arrive and Unpack Your Computer destiny.

As for arriving at the airport, three out of ten respondents who usually fly on holiday, said they prefer to go to the airport and park the car nearby. Similarly, 28% of those who plan to fly said they are unlikely to participate at the airport. When asked why, 40% indicated that the shared route is unreliable and 37% believe that traction actions take too long to pick up.