Join forums for an AMA with astronomer David Boboltz about the sun, red giants and more!

Astronomer David Boboltz of the National Science Foundation. (Image credit: David Boboltz)

Dr. David A. Boboltz joins us on the forums for an AMA this week! This is the community’s latest chance to ask an astrophysics expert all of their most burning questions about the cosmos.

Speaking of burning, if you’re curious about the sun,  Boboltz is your man. As a Program Director at the National Science Foundation, his primary area of responsibility is the management of the research facilities related to the study of the sun. He is taking your questions this week starting today, Monday, Aug. 23.

Let’s talk about space! (Image credit: Future)

Perhaps you’re more into stars that are slightly bigger? Perhaps several thousand times larger?  Boboltz happens to focus on the study of circumstellar masers in the atmosphere of dying stars, such as supergiants or red giants. 

He’s currently also responsible for managing the National Solar Observatory as well as the NSF’s Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope. Prior to joining the NSF, Boboltz spent 15 years in the United States Naval Observatory as a radio astronomer.

Boboltz will be on the forums taking questions from Monday, Aug. 23, to Friday, Aug. 27. So, hurry and join the forums for your chance to chat with  Boboltz this week! 

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