It was on our list of deposits: Manoviraj Khosla


As we explored the true taste of Chettinad and its remote areas on our list of deposits, we headed to Karaikudi, which is in the heart of Chettinad. We visited The Bangala, known for its traditional fare. The meals were cooked preserving the authenticity of the firm’s seafood and were delicious. We ate at the Karavali and dug into a pile of fresh crab, prawns, lamb, idiyappam. A haven for seafood lovers, Chettinad offers gourmet delight.

It was a three-day tour and, as someone who believed in discovering a place with locals, I was accompanied by a local friend who showed me around. The ancestral houses of Chettinad are palatial and the complex and old architecture of the school is so spectacular.

Chettinad is rich in countless aspects, but it is also important to keep in mind the feelings and perspectives of the locals. The interiors are dotted with quaint villages, so dress conservatively and choose breathable, ventilated fabrics to be comfortable despite the humidity.

As a designer, I have an eye for fabrics. A short trip to explore countless fabrics and looms (hand looms and hand looms) made this getaway more of a fun and educational trip. And during our visit to the factory, we understood how many young people and foreigners were interested in better understanding fabrics and design. It’s also great to know.