How a local business is coping post-lockdown one week after restrictions lifted

It has been just over a week since life started returning to normal after lockdown restrictions eased.

On Monday May 17, restaurants, pubs and local eateries opened their doors once again for indoor dining with normality is returning after almost 14 months in and out of lockdown.

Inside an establishment is where the hub of activity and the biggest buzz is of a business.

There are businesses across the country which sadly haven’t survived, but there are others still standing and better than ever.

InYourArea joined local artists Jenny Dunlop and Jessica Slack at local business Merseymade in Liverpool to see how life is now they’re back open.

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They said: “It has been amazing to just be back open and having our regular customers back in, it’s been so lovely to see everyone.

“When we were open outside only, we were so busy we had to buy more tables to reach maximum capacity, and we had people shopping and buying the products that we sell.

“And to see the new things people are making. We’ve got over 100 makers and it was really good for people to see what they’ve been creating over lockdown.

“We’re still working on creating more events like craft workshops, hen do activities and now half-term things to do for the kids.

“We want people to feel comfortable and they can come on their own, have a coffee and have a chat if they want. It’s that kind of family warmth that we want it to feel like.”

When asked about if they’re worried about the new variants, Jenny added: “We are taking every day as it comes. There’s no point in worrying about what might happen because it might not happen.”

Merseymade is an establishment which is community and local to the heart.

Housed in the famous Gordon Smith institute in the heart of the city centre, the ground floor is split between a gift shop selling local goods only, and the other half a cosy area for food and drink.

The upper floor is a dedicated space for local artists who use it as a creative space and display their work. But it really is a community feel.

They’re one of thousands of local businesses who are back with a bang following lockdown and even coming up with more ideas to expand their events.

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