Beauty business with good intentions


While most beauty enthusiasts in today’s world want instant gratification and nocturnal magic, there is a small community of traditionalists who still let nature take its course.

With a strong belief in self-produced holistic beauty, Shubhika Jain, 21, laid the groundwork for Ras Luxury Oils in 2015 to set up India’s first farm company in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. By 2020, the own production initiative is already making a difference in the lives of users and local farmers, who earn their living by providing the brand with profitable income directly.

Beauty brand co-founder Shubhika grew up learning about local plants and, after graduating in economics in honor of Lady Shri Ram College (Delhi), returned to her hometown to launch RAS with her mother Sangeeta Jain . On the mixture of passion with business, he mentions: “As a child, I was immersed in rituals that my mother had introduced me to, who has a passion for plants and gardening. My mother created her beauty preparations with flowers, herbs, and other hand-picked natural ingredients; this practice inspired me to instill a natural beauty regimen of using natural oils for the face and body instead of lotions, creams and other products with toxic ingredients. “

While Shubhika was training to be an entrepreneur from a young age and had full family support, she also had to demonstrate her courage by handling situations in a mature and strategic way at work. Managing the 250 acres of farmland and working with 80% of the female workforce to build a successful brand in less than five years was no stride. As CEO, she faces many challenges, but no longer as an enterprising woman. Speaking about his professional journey, he says: “When I initially joined the family business, it was difficult for existing staff to accept a young lady as a boss. Initially, visiting farmers ’fields, getting the best raw materials, having meetings with senior executives were a challenge, but now I feel comfortable there as I have developed that trust. We also believe in the empowerment of local women and I make sure they are used at almost every level, such as fields, laboratories, packaging, inventory, accounts, human resources, marketing and management. ”

On creating a sustainable work culture for local farmers, he reports: “In addition to growing crops on our farms, we will partner with local farmers to acquire our ingredients, in an attempt to connect directly with the source. With the system of assured repurchase of crops, farmers are safe from market fluctuations and their income is constant. We help bridge the gap between farmers and sellers and make sure it contributes to subsistence at the grassroots level. In Raipur, we are now growing various varieties of crops and continuously researching to get the right plants and multiply the same seeds of the desired plant in our DSIR approved microbiology lab. We are successfully cultivating Patchouli that does not grow in this region and also rosemary, chamomile, marigold that does not grow in this climate ”.

In addition to running her business, Shubhika is also the president of the Raipur chapter of the Yuva wing to Young Indians (part of the IIC) and oversees community projects involving trash assignments, clean water supply and “Masoom”. , a child sexual abuse initiative. Find time to read, meditate and practice martial arts. She regularly donates to animal welfare organizations in Raipur and has a special interest in animal and bird rescue.

Speaking of his spiritual interests, he shares: “I believe that the power of meditation and a positive attitude help me to accept all the challenges that lie ahead. Meditation along with sound healing help me stay focused. I am also passionate about animals and therefore all our products are cruelty free and are vegan, also crafted with positive intentions and chanting mantra. Even at work, each partner is encouraged to mediate and a healthy work culture is formed. Apart from that, I love to travel and spend some free time on my travels ”.